3 Simple Steps

#1: Ask for the review when the customers has just consumed your product/service.

I mean right at that point.  Not 10 mins later.  Not by email the next day.  Right then!

#2:  Take all the friction out of the process.

Make is so simple that your customer just does it.  Don't send them instructions on how to leave a review and expect them to follow the steps.  Take them to exactly the right place to leave a review within a couple of clicks.

#3: Relax.  There are only 2 steps!

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Why is getting reviews difficult?

If you have delivered a good service you would expect getting reviews to be easy.  But it isn't!  Evidenced by the fact that most business have few to zero reviews.  

The essence of the problem lies in the immediacy of action.  While you can ask customers to leave you a review, unless they do it right then the chances of them doing it later are low.  Very low.

You have to ask customer for a review immediately.  You have to give them the opportunity to leave a review immediately.  You have to ​direct that review into Google.  There is only one way to do this.  You need Review Management software.

That is where Podium comes in!