How to Claim Your Google My Business Page

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Google is the life of “search”. More than 60% of everyday consumer searches happen in Google. When a person wants to know the direction to a store, they “Google” it. When they want to know the best place to buy coffee beans, they “Google” it or if they simply want to know the store’s phone number, they “Google” it. Google’s powerful search algorithm will then display the accurate results based on the searcher’s keywords.

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A Google Business Page (GBP) contains information about your business.

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Claim your Google Business Page

To claim your GBP, simply search your business’s name and location in the Google search engine.

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Claim Ownership

If you have lost your login details to your GBP, you can claim the ownership.

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Google Business Page for Local SEO

Search Engine Optimisation works to give you better exposure to your target market.

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Optimize Your Google Business Page

The simplified word to explain optimisation is visibility.

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